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solutions for any budget

$3 - $15

per image

We'll crop out your product, replace the background and maximize its visual potential adjusting color, contrast, brightness.

$1 - $3

per image

50 Cents

per image

For Special Offers and Updates


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Fine Print:  The Quantity, Quality and Type of product you have all determine the price.  Volume discounts available.

For more information or to get a quote call 1-888-811-7285  or email


Extreme Edits

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$15 - $50 

per image

​What our customers are saying...

"We've used Retail Studio Effect twice now and both times David has done a great job removing the backgrounds of our images. He provides great customer service in a professional and timely manner and would personally recommend him to everyone. Great Job!"

"David Nawrocki is a real professional that does a superb job of making your photo's main item stand out. I held back some pictures in the beginning because I did not know what to expect from his service and I did not want to waste money or time.  After he gave me instruction on how to take the pictures without a tripod, on my I-phone he went to work and in about 2 days he returned pictures so beautifully done I felt I was a top notch photographer. I bragged to everyone that I took the pictures myself. I then sent him other product pictures to complete for my display and the result was consistent with his earlier work. Clear, bold and reasonably priced. I would use his services every time."
Denise Alexander, RVR, Houston, Tx

“RetailStudioEffect always responds quickly with high quality work.  The time we saved using RetailStudioEffect allowed us to source more products….real A work that more than paid for the photo cost.  Thank you, David!”  
Northbridge, an Amazon seller

​"I love the convenience of working with Retail Studio Effect, but more so I love the quality and professional outcome of their services. As a small business owner, I feel secure working with Retail Studio Effect because they deliver completed images that appear a million times more expensive than they actually are... on a budget I can work with."  
Retail Minded, Founder & Publisher 

Shoot it

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The perfect solution if you hate cropping

Just Clipping

Moderate Edits


In 1 - 3 business days, we'll send your finished images back.

Send us your images via email or Dropbox.

We do the hard part...


3 simple steps

The Easier, Faster and Cheaper Alternative to Traditional Product Photography

Take a photograph of your product.  If you need tips, we can help.  

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Sell it

Send it

Simple Edits

We'll crop out your product and make minor adjustments to contrast and brightness.

Removing or Replacing the background.  Products with complex profiles, textures, materials.  Major adjustments to brightness and contrast, reflections, highlights and shadows,    color correction and color change.